Friday, September 25, 2009

September Musings

Well, I just noticed it was July since my last post--it seems I've been busy. Getting ready for the fall semester is the busiest time of the year for college librarians. Finally, yesterday I got my desk cleaned off and today got my email cleaned up. Now, if I could just get my allergies cleaned up, all would be right in the world. I just went through allergy testing and discovered some new things I have to avoid. Now I need to avoid my cat (so sad), wheat, corn, chicken & egg, and milk. I never knew I had a corn problem, so had depended on it since I knew I had a wheat problem. I'm rotating all of my other foods for a month, which means strange eating and lots of cooking from scratch. Avoiding corn is a full-time occupation.

Today is my baby boy's 26th birthday--can't believe it's been that long. I still remember his beautiful smiling face picking him up from elementary school and now he has 2 master's degrees and is an electrical engineer, making more money than I do. I'm very proud!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thing 6 Blog Readers

Wonder of wonders--I had already started my Google blog reader and had forgotten about it. This will really make it easier for me to keep up with the blogs I'm following when I remember to check them. Actually, since Google does Blogger, my personal email, sorts my blogs, and has YouTube, what more could one ask for?

More Images Thing 5

I'm working tonight and it is VERY slow, so I'm playing with more images in Thing 5.
Here's a link for all to enjoy.
Draw Customized Symbols -

Thing 5 Image Generators

here's my billboard on Flickr Toys--still having trouble getting photos of good quality. I hope someone can help me!

Cool Name spelling

letter B letter e mon T erey SPARKLE H

Thing 4: Flickr mashups

OK--so I've been busy and am WAY behind with the 23 things! I've been trying to find one of my photos that was not too pixilated to play with. This took a long time, so I probably need some more instruction on how to play with photos. I finally have a magazine cover of my grandkitten, Nibbler. I hope you can all see it. I'm attemping to put it here.

Yippee, I did it--enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flickr Thing 3

I've just been exploring Flickr, which I hadn't visited for over a year. The hardest thing about using Flickr is trying to remember how to spell it. ;-) I did a little searching for knitting librarians and found quite a few that I'd like to meet. I also learned recently about alpaca yarn because I have a little sensitivity to sheep wool. I found some great links on Flickr to shops that market alpaca yarn and clothing items. I also found some local Texas alpaca farms. If I ever get to retire I'd like to think about raising alpacas and knitting with yarn made from their wool. Dreams are cheap, right? I also uploaded photos from our recent guest bathroom redo. Take a look.